Don't miss these five policy development resources

County Farm Bureaus’ policy development teams are embarking on their yearly process of crafting resolutions that ultimately become the policy guiding Michigan Farm Bureau’s legislative and regulatory work year-round. Numerous electronic resources are available to help members engage in a variety of ways.

Probable Issue Briefs: To help members get discussion and ideas flowing, Farm Bureau staff prepare briefs on emerging issues impacting the agriculture sector. New topics include agricultural labor housing zoningLake Erie bill of rightslivestock permitting issues and septic regulations. Additional issues will be available in the coming weeks.

Current Policy: The 2019 MFB and AFBF policy books are available to search and download if members are considering amendments to existing language.

Policy Development Process: Once compiled, hundreds of resolutions from Michigan’s 65 county Farm Bureaus will be considered by a 21-member state-level policy development committee. The final slate of policies is then considered by voting delegates at MFB’s annual meeting, Dec. 3-5 in Grand Rapids.

State Policy Development Committee: The committee consists of 20 members: one from each of the 11 districts; three at-large; three representing the State Young Farmer Committee; and three representing the MFB Board of Directors.

Submit your ideas: Use this form to submit ideas or amendments throughout the year.

Looking to learn more about policy development? Contact your county Farm Bureau.