Proposed policy resolutions approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

View the resolutions below that were approved at the county annual and submitted to the state policy development committee to be considered at the Michigan Farm Bureau annual meeting. 

Contact the county office for information about the Policy Development process

094-County Road CommissionsWe encourage a five (5) member county Road Commission Board that is representative of the county residents and we support the ability of a county Board of Commissioners to assume the duties of the County Road Commission. We encourage the road commission to have a Safety Program in place as well as an effective training program for road grade operators. This will support their employees and in turn help those hired by the County Road Commission do their jobs correctly and efficiently
089-Wildlife ManagementExpand Open License/Season for Deer (Policy #89) Strike: If needed, consideration should be given to an agency culling/harvest. (Policy #89 Line 72) Replace with: We support immediate agency culling to reduce overpopulation
089-Wildlife ManagementHunting Licenses (Policy #89) We encourage Michigan DNR to require muzzleloader deer season to match archery restrictions regarding the ability to tag an antlerless deer during muzzleloader season with a combo tag. We support the ability of a regular deer combo license to be used as an alternative antlerless tag during all regular seasons (archery, rifle and muzzleloader).
004-Animal HealthAnimal Health (Policy #4, Lines 112-116) We support a statewide ban on the sale and use of Chinese lanterns (sky lanterns), or similar unmanned devices containing open flame that have the potential to leave the premises of their origin. If a ban is not achievable, lanterns should be constructed with biodegradable material.